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As the innovation leader of advanced sound transmission and capture, Delphinus Medical Technologies, Inc. of Novi, MI has designed and developed SoftVue™, a new platform for ultrasound imaging of the entire breast. Delphinus is Latin for dolphin, known to use sound signals in water. Sound and water are the basis of our SoftVue™ technology, where acoustic signals resonating within breast tissue yield a unique signature that our revolutionary science measures. Featuring proprietary TriAD™ (triple acoustic detection) technology, the system captures reflection echoes from all directions around the breast and gathers transmitted signals coming through the breast. SoftVue™ has received FDA clearance for diagnostic imaging purposes and is not intended for use as a replacement for screening mammography.

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Advancing beyond traditional ultrasound that looks at only a limited area of breast tissue, SoftVue™ collects information from the chest wall to the nipple, providing a complete map of the entire breast, displayed in cross-sectional planes. And unlike traditional ultrasound where the outcome of the exam is dependent on technologist skill and experience, the exam is consistent and uniform, removing operator variability.

The procedure can be available for all women regardless of age, without the concern of radiation or pain. With the breast suspended in warm water and a short exam time of one to two minutes per breast, the exam is safe, fast and relaxing.