Delphinus Campaign Wins the 2017 Award of Excellence

Pictured right to left: Debra Saunders, VP of Marketing, Delphinus Medical Technologies and Maryellen Clinton, Producer & Product Specialist, Digital Image Studios

Delphinus Medical Technologies, Inc. and Digital Image Studios are winners of the 2017 Communicator Award of Excellence, recognizing exceptional design and creative distinction for the Delphinus Discover Breast Ultrasound Campaign. The campaign was launched to support the SoftVue™ prospective case collection (PPC) initiative, sponsored by Delphinus. The goal of the PCC is to enroll 10,000 qualified women to receive a SoftVue™ breast exam at participating medical facilities. SoftVue™ is a unique breast ultrasound system that is designed to help doctors see through dense breast tissue. It uses sound waves that circle 360° around the whole breast, creating 3D images from the nipple to the back of the breast.
The Discover Breast Ultrasound campaign incorporated still and video shoots to target a diverse demographic, an information website, as well as print marketing materials featuring four themes for the participating health facilities to choose from that would be resonate with their patient base.
“We are thrilled to win this Communicator Award of Excellence from the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts, along with our design partner, Digital Image Studios.  This achievement honors an essential campaign to recruit 10,000 women volunteers for our clinical research project, investigating our breakthrough 3D breast ultrasound technology, SoftVue™ for women with dense breast tissue,” remarked Debra Saunders, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  “We anticipate the engaging campaign materials, website, and videos will interest women to learn more about this important clinical study, understand the cancer risk factors associated with dense breast tissue, and consider volunteering to help examine this new breast imaging advancement, utilized when mammography alone may not be sufficient.”
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Learn more about the SoftVue™ prospective case collection here: