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At Delphinus we are striving for a better breast imaging experience for women. In today’s healthcare environment, a positive patient experience is central in providing excellent patient care.  It fosters better outcomes through greater patient satisfaction and increased compliance. 


Experience SoftVueTM

The standard for breast cancer screening in the United States is mammography, yet average mammography compliance in this country is just over fifty percent. In a study from Stanford University Cancer Institute, one-third of respondents were simply not interested in having mammography, possibly due to confusion over the effectiveness of it particularly for women with dense breasts, the debate regarding age-based imaging, fear of it being painful, and the radiation exposure inherent with the exam.

Experience SoftVueTM

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SoftVue™ was invented to address these problems. While SoftVue™ is not a replacement for screening mammography, it may be used for diagnostic purposes, particularly for women with dense breasts. 

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Why SoftVueTM ?

The exam is comfortable with no compression and no radiation. It operates with the same kind of harmless sound waves used for pregnant women to image their babies before birth. The exam is discrete and takes just a few minutes for each breast. Find out more by visiting our Patient Remarks page.

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